Trader FAQ’s

For New and Existing Traders and Stall Holders

Please find our list of FAQ’s

How do I make an enquiry?

If you have any enquiries regarding one of our markets or wish to discuss becoming a trader or booking a stall.
Please call our team, Spencer: 07875 655 875 or Scott: 07792 676 746 or contact us

What is the minimum I need to start trading?

You need to:

(a) Complete our Trade Registration Form

(b) Complete the Traders Selling Food, Drinks or Home Made Food Form if required

(c) Once your Trade Registration Form is approved you need to purchase Public Liability insurance

(d) Stock to sell at our Markets

What do I need to get started?

Please complete the Trade Registration application Form below (If you are selling any types of Food and Drinks, please also complete the Traders Selling Food, Drinks or Home Made Food Form) and send to:-

by email:

or by post to: FAO: Trade Registrations

Bescot Promotions
The Banks Stadium, Walsall Football Club
Bescot Crescent, Walsall

Form Links:

Trade Registration Form (PDF)

Traders Selling Food, Drinks or Home Made Food Form, that has to satisfy environmental health. (PDF)

Market Rules & Regulations (PDF)

Once received the forms will be checked and if your application is approved, we will let you know what stall availability we have on our Markets. If you would like to discuss your application at any time, please contact us.

Prices for stalls at the various markets?

There are a variety of sizes available dependant on the market or event.
Please call for further details, Spencer: 07875 655 875 or Scott 07792 676 746.

Can we bring our own stalls?

You can at Bescot Sunday Market & Wednesbury Market, but you would need to discuss this with us and price would then be based on size of stall and location.

What time should traders turn up?

Arrival times at the markets are usually prior to 7:30am but this is dependant on the market or event.
Please call to confirm Spencer: 07875 655 875 or Scott 07792 676 746.

Can we just turn up on the day?

Yes you can so long as you have a trade registration form completed, ID with you that we can photocopy and your insurance documents then on most markets we can find you a pitch. We would of course prefer you to phone or email first but we do our best to help traders to the best of our ability.

What can I sell from a stall?

Full details of unloading and re-loading times will be disclosed when you book a Stall at one of our Markets. Generally unloading is normally 1.5 hours prior to the Market opening and re-loading to commence only once the Market is closed to the general public for health and Safety reasons.

What is expected of stallholders?

Stallholders are expected to be open at all times during the attending Markets general public opening times, to sell good quality products, be honest in all of their dealings and abide by UK law, ensure their stall is well presented and tidy and conduct themselves in a friendly, polite and professional manner to ensure that members of the public enjoy their experience and become repeat customers.

How can I access my stall to unload my stock or take deliveries?

Loading and unloading facilities will be disclosed upon confirming your Stall booking, or by discussing it with our market manager or representative on Market Day.

What will the Open Market provide for stallholders?

Our Market team will provide a stall erection and disassembly service for those traders using our stalls, a member of our team will be available to deal with any problems or enquiries on Market Day. Cleaning of the site during and after the Market. Waste disposal, toilet facilities where appropriate, stallholder meetings, inspection of stalls to maintain standards, advertising & PR campaigns and a web site dedicated towards promoting the Market to ensure that locals are always aware of opening and closing times.

How far can I book a stall in advance?

You can book as far in advance as you want but we reserve the right to charge a holding fee if more than 3 months forward notice.

Can I choose my stall location?

Not as a rule but we will try and help so long as it doesn’t penalize another trader.

Can I play music on my stall or use a microphone?

Yes so long as you have the two music licences required by law and we would expect you respect the other traders around you. We reserve the right to ask for music to be switch off at all times.

Are any restrictions on what I can sell?

We are a family friendly Market so anything safe for kids is allowed. Strictly no drug paraphernalia, rude or offensive products or any fake goods or branded fashion.

Do I need a license to trade?

No, you are covered by our trading license.

Do I need public liability insurance?

All traders must have public liability insurance.

What clothes should we wear?

To remain comfortable in all weathers, we advise our stallholders to wear tidy, suitable clothing and footwear for the forecasted weather on Market day, but to consider taking along a precautionary selection of bad weather clothing in case the forecast changes quickly.

Are there electrics on the stall?

Not all markets have electricity so you would need to contact us first to discuss your own requirements and which markets you planned to trade from.

Does the market remain open when it is raining, snowing or in severe windy or bad weather?

The Market is normally open regardless of the weather, however if the weather poses a risk to stall holders or members of the public, then we reserve the right to close the Market in the interest of Health and Safety at any time.

Where should I park?

This would need to be discussed face to face so please give us a ring.

Do you operate car boots?

At present we do not but we do have Bric a Brac days at certain markets so please give us a ring as we may be able to help.

When is the next market?

A diary of our markets for the next 5 days is on the homepage of our website and is updated daily.